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Grease Fitting Technical Information

Fitting Selection
To select the correct grease fittings for your requirements, consider that the tip of the fittings should point to a clear space for free operation of the grease gun and the hole diameter. Seal must be maintained up to 10 degrees maximum deviation angle between the end of the grease gun and the grease fitting.
Body: SAE 12L14 Steel
Spring: Music wire
Ball: Steel
Grease f ittings are case hardened at minimum Rockwell 83, on the 15N (450 Vikers) with a deep of 0.005" to 0.009".
Plating is Zinc yellow or clear dip chromate. Yellow chromate gives the parts a bright golden color and clear chromate gives the parts a silver color. Minimum thickness of plating is 0.0002". This plating gives an excellent corrosion resistance; Grease fittings resist salt spray test (ASTM B 117) for a minimum of 75 hours, before any rust or corrosion begins.

Threads are rolled according to the SAE J-476. The following threads are the most popular:
1. 1/8"-27 PTF Pipe Thread
2. 1/4"-28 SAE-LT Taper Thread
The first number indicates the thread diameter and the second number indicates the number of threads per inch.

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