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Lubrication Fittings

Lubrication Fittings
are used to lubricate mechanical parts which require grease.  A spring-loaded ball inside the lubrication fitting compresses when pressure is applied with a grease gun and allows grease to flow through the fitting into the application the lubrication fitting is installed.  After pressure from the grease gun is released the spring-loaded ball check returns to the head of the fitting and stops dirt and other contaminants from entering the lubrication fitting as well as preventing grease from escaping through the head of the fitting.  Lubrication fittings are available in different threads, lengths, angles, materials, and finishes. Lubrication fittings are commonly referred to as grease fittings.   Please click on the links below for a complete assortment of lubrication fittings and technical assistance.

Every size Lubrication Fitting available!

Lubrication Fitting Information

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